Hi. My name is Pickle Robi. I have been enjoying building online businesses and my personal freedom for over a decade.


Our Mission

Pickling the Best Tech Solutions for You

Nerdy Pickle is a female-driven company with a mission to help modern entrepreneurs understand technology.

Pickle Robi, our founder, is familiar with the difficulties that many women encounter in the tech sector personally. She had a difficult time keeping up with the most recent marketing strategies and tools when she first started her own business.

Yet instead of giving up, she made the decision to thoroughly explore the world of technology and discover what worked for her. She learned that anything was possible with the appropriate resources and methods.

Being a female-driven company, we’re dedicated to creating a welcoming, encouraging, and enjoyable environment. Because we are aware of how frightening the world of technology may be, we frequently employ puns, humor, and personality in our writing.

We’re a thriving community of like-minded people that are enthusiastic about making technology accessible to everyone, so we’re not your standard tech blog. But don’t be misled by our lighthearted tone; we take our technology seriously. VeRy seriously! To assist companies in thriving in the digital age, we are continually investigating and evaluating the newest tools and methodologies.

With the most recent tactics and insights, we’ve got you covered on anything from AI chatbots to email marketing campaigns. We at Nerdy Pickle think technology has the potential to be a potent force for change.

We are committed to provide cutting-edge software, AI technology, and marketing techniques to assist modern companies flourish because of this. Our blog is the ideal location to get inspired, acquire new skills, and interact with a community of like-minded people, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro.